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Econik Speakers - introductory campaign

2023-05-26 11:41:00 /
Econik Speakers - introductory campaign - Econik Speakers - introductory campaign

We're celebrating the launch of brand new hi-fi brand Econik Speakers with one-off introductory prices of up to €950 off. In addition, there is another 100€ cashback as a thank you for feedback (in the form of a short survey) after the purchase.

Here is the website:

At the beginning there are three loudspeakers to choose from with FOUR, SIX and SEVEN for different purposes. All three impress with extremely precise and natural sound with an almost unbelievable bass foundation, which also impresses lovers of large floorstanding loudspeakers. For the fully active WiSA wireless loudspeakers, the finest components and the latest technology are combined with sustainable design and production in Germany. This includes, among other things, the chassis assembly from the Norwegian high-end manufacturer SEAS together with the digital high-performance crossover. Developer Berthold Daubner is enthusiastic about the possibilities: "The chipset used allows us to design the frequency response, impulse behavior and phase perfectly at the same time, so that we were able to achieve a very neutral and at the same time extremely musical tuning."

As a special treat, there are various sound presets for the speakers that can be downloaded. This allows the speaker to be optimally tailored to the application and personal taste. Room acoustic problems can also be minimized in this way. For example, sound presets are available for installation close to a wall, reverberant rooms, placement on the desk or for use in a studio. With the help of the sound presets, the 2.5-way loudspeaker can even be transformed into a genuine 3-way box with even better voice reproduction.

In addition, the Econik loudspeakers have automatic, volume-dependent frequency adjustment in the low-frequency range. The background: At low volume, low frequencies are perceived relatively less strongly by the ear. The result: the bass is perceived as weak and the sound as thin and tinny. The solution: Dynamic bass adjustment corrects this effect to achieve a sound similar to that at the original volume when played back at low volume. The correction is strongest at low volume levels and decreases as the volume increases. This applies up to a volume of 70dB in the room, above which there is no further adjustment. The correction is based on the latest scientific findings and the ISO 226:2003 standard. Thanks to the dynamic bass adjustment, the loudspeakers sound clean and powerful even at low volume, so that the full sound potential can also be experienced late at night.

Almost all components used come from Germany. This ensures high product quality and short transport routes. Loudspeaker housings and covers, for example, are manufactured in the Ore Mountains and the internal wiring from inakustik also bears the seal "Made in Germany". In order to make the loudspeakers even more sustainable, the packaging consists primarily of recycled materials or renewable raw materials. For example, the usual polystyrene is replaced by an innovative packaging material made from 100% bio-based, renewable raw materials.

If you combine the speakers with one of the two optional hubs, you also get a fully-fledged preamp with integrated streaming, app control and numerous DSP functionalities. This includes, among other things, an automatic calibration system to minimize the influence of room acoustics.