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The popular Buchardt Audio A700 are now available again. The winner of this year's ROAST Award (best active loudspeaker of the year 2021) can now again enchant numerous hi-fi enthusiasts with its unique sound.


The Buchardt Audio S400 crossover upgrade kit is now available! With the upgrade kit, the Buchardt Audio S400 can be converted into the S400 Signature Edition.


The popular IOTAVX AVXP1 is available again! Today we received a large shipment of the popular 7-channel power amplifiers. The numerous pre-orderers can be happy and will soon be holding your AVXP1 in their hands.


The most important magazines in the online trade press have voted - HifiPilot is the winner of this year's ROAST Awards! We are incredibly proud and would like to thank all of the editorial staff for the awards.


You can still benefit from the 0% financing via PayPal for your purchase until the end of September!


AperionAudio has given the unique SuperTweeter series a new flagship - the Dual AMT SuperTweeter. This is a super tweeter based on AMT (Air Motion Transformer), which radiates both to the front and to the rear.


The successor to the legendary S400 from Buchardt Audio is on the way with the S400 MKII! All essential parts have been revised and the crossover has been completely redesigned.


Pre-order the popular AVXP1 now and save 180 €! With 7 x 170W and over 30kg weight, the unique sound power plant drives your system to maximum performance! ►►


From today you can find the new mastertunings 2.0 for the Buchardt Audio A500. This makes the active loudspeaker even more flexible and can be perfectly adapted to the room and taste.

Total entries: 9