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Integrity and marketing policy

1. General

If you are a customer, subscriber or visitor to our website, this policy applies to you. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store your personal information and how we ensure that your personal information is processed in accordance with applicable law.

2. Who is responsible for the personal data?

HifiPilot GmbH, with the postal address Höhenstr. 7, 75239 Eisingen, Germany (in this guideline "HifiPilot GmbH" or "We") is personally responsible for the processing of your personal data, as far as HifiPilot GmbH provides products or services for you or in any other way, such as through your visit to our online shop or interact with you through service or support requests via email or phone. As Data Controller, HifiPilot GmbH is responsible for ensuring that your information is treated correctly and securely in accordance with applicable law.

3. What personal information do we collect from you?

HifiPilot GmbH collects and processes the following categories of personal information about you as a customer or potential customer in connection with the purchase, use and marketing of our products and services.

  • Contact details such as last name, first name, e-mail address, delivery address, billing address and telephone number.
  • Account information such as customer number, username, password and when the account was registered.
  • Ordering information such as order numbers, ordered products or services, order date, price, discount and purchase history.
  • Payment details such as payment method, cardholder, transaction date, amount, IP address and payment history.
  • Correspondence and other information about support topics such as notes and e-mail at the point of service.
  • User-generated data about your interaction with HifiPilot GmbH s market communications and websites, such as IP address, device information (technical information about computers, mobile phones and other devices you use, such as browser settings, time zone, operating system), site information , Questionnaire responses, clicks and visit history - which show, among other things, which of our products or offers you are interested in, how you deal with our newsletters, as well as results from customer satisfaction or market research.

4. From what sources do we collect information about you as a customer?

  1. On these occasions information about you will be collected so that you can make an agreement with HifiPilot GmbH and HifiPilot GmbH is able to provide you with their products and services.

    If you:
    1. To order something
    2. Visit HifiPilot GmbH's website
    3. Fill in forms such as the contact form on our website
    4. Click on links from the digital marketing communication we sent you
    5. Contact our customer service or otherwise contact HifiPilot GmbH and provide information about yourself.

  2. If you have a member account, HifiPilot GmbH also collects personal information, such as your purchase history, about you when you register the account, and while you are an account holder.
  3. In addition to the information that HifiPilot GmbH collects from you, we may also collect personal information from someone else, ie. from third. We retrieve information from third-party directory updating updates to automatically populate the checkout form with your information. We collect credit rating data from rating agencies, disclosure companies or banks.
  4. We also collect certain personal information through cookies that record how we use our website to order our products and services. For more information about the use of cookies, see our cookie policy.

5. Why do we collect personal information about you?

HifiPilot GmbH collects and manages information about you for various purposes. These purposes set limits to the use of your personal information. In the following we explain the different purposes of our collection and give examples of the processing that occurs for each purpose. Please note that some of your personal information may be processed for multiple purposes.

  1. Management of orders

    The processing of personal data for this purpose includes activities such as identifying and verifying your age, sending order confirmations, processing payments for ordered products and goods, and providing the payment methods we offer (based on contact details, order items, payment history, and financial information). Shipping, sending the shipment information and handling complaints and warranty issues related to purchased products and services.

    The collection of data that we do for your orders and purchases is required to fulfill our obligations under the general conditions of sale. If the information is not provided by you, we can not fulfill our obligations and the order can not be completed.

  2. Provide and manage membership account

    We process personal information for this purpose, for example, to give you permission to log in to your account, to ensure your identity, to create your personal pages, to maintain correct contact information, to purchase from our online store through pre-filled information and stored information to facilitate digital shopping cart and to handle cases and complaints. You can also track your order and payment history.

    Read more about registering an account under membership terms . The collection of information we provide for the provision and management of your account is required to fulfill our obligations under the Account Terms. If the information is not provided, our obligations can not be met and we may decline your account registration or cancel your account.

  3. Management of support requests

    The processing of personal data for this purpose includes activities for, for example, communication, securing the customer's identity, investigating complaints and support cases, answering questions that are directed to customer service or other support functions via e-mail, telephone or digital channels, correction Incorrect data, technical support and customer relations.

  4. Fulfill the legal obligations that are required for the business

    Personal data is processed for this purpose, so that HifiPilot GmbH should be able to meet the requirements of laws, judgments or governmental decisions. Examples of such requirements are product liability and product safety, such as the development of communication and product warning information and product recalls (eg in the case of a defective or hazardous product) and the obligation to store certain information pertaining to a particular person in accordance with accounting rules , If the information such as HifiPilot GmbH is not collected in this context, our legal obligation can not be met and we can reject your order, purchase or activity that justifies our legal obligations.

  5. Preventing and stopping crime in our business

    The processing of personal data for this purpose serves, inter alia, to prevent the misuse of member accounts and to prevent and investigate the suspicion of theft and fraud. So, if you want to pay for goods on invoice, we will conduct a fraud check, analyzing what products you want to buy, delivery address, value of products, etc. We identify patterns of action that often occur in connection with fraud, and it may become one manual review to investigate the risk of fraud. Suspicious behavior and offenses can be reported to the police.

  6. Assessment, development and improvement of our services, products and systems for our customers in general

    The processing of personal data for this purpose includes activities to make our online store and other services more user-friendly, to develop or highlight digital features, to improve our customer offerings (eg, development of services and products), and to support product improvement. and logistics flows (eg, to forecast purchases, inventories, and deliveries), develop and improve the company's product range and resource efficiency, and improve our IT system to improve security, obtain statistics for market and customer analytics, and conduct business tracking, Automatic archiving of behaviors that need to be audited for security reasons. In order to fulfill this purpose, HifiPilot GmbH carries out general analyzes in aggregated form, i. not on an individual level, including click and visitor behavior, device information, order history, payment history, geographic location, and individual customer feedback.

6. Under which legal conditions do we process your personal data?

So that HifiPilot GmbH has the right to collect and process your personal data, there must be a legal basis for each purpose for which the data is processed. The legal framework on which we base our computing is described in this section. Note that multiple legal bases may apply to the same processing method.

  1. Legal obligation

    This commitment implies that our data processing may be required to comply with any legal obligation required by HifiPilot GmbH, such as: For example, to document payment information that meets the requirements of the Accounting Act.

  2. Contractual obligations

    This obligation covers the data processing that is necessary to enter into an agreement with you as a customer or to conclude a contract at a later date. If you have a Membership Account, by accepting the Membership Terms you have entered into an agreement with HifiPilot GmbH which sets limits to the processing of your personal information provided for the use of the Services associated with the Account. When ordering or purchasing, we process your data to fulfill the obligations of the General Terms and Conditions of HifiPilot GmbH. For example, HifiPilot GmbH may be required to register your contact details so that we can meet our obligation to deliver the product or service and, if necessary, conduct a credit check if you choose the invoice as the method of payment to ensure your solvency can.

  3. Legitimate interest

    This reason means that our data processing relies on balancing various interests. This means that the processing takes place because HifiPilot GmbH judges that we have legitimate interests in the processing of your personal data, which outweighs your interest that your data will not be processed. For this reason, we process your personal information, inter alia, in order to prevent the misuse of membership accounts and to stop, prevent and investigate crimes within our business. If we discover that a crime or attempt has been committed and we produce a police report, HifiPilot GmbH will continue to process your personal information in order to identify, defend or enforce any legal claim.

7. How long do we store your personal information?

7.1 HifiPilot GmbH stores your personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data is processed. The length of the storage period depends on the purpose for which the data is being processed. In addition, HifiPilot GmbH may, if necessary, retain the data for longer in order to identify, defend or enforce legal claims, for example if a dispute is ongoing or if a criminal record has been filed with the police authority. We regularly perform thinning and remove unwanted personal information.

7.2 HifiPilot GmbH stores personal data associated with your member account as long as you are active and if you interact with HifiPilot GmbH in a number of ways. If you have been inactive for a certain period of time, the account will be automatically terminated and the personal information we have collected and processed to provide the Membership Account and the services associated with the Account Holder will be deleted. Learn more about our definition of inactive customers in the membership terms .

8. Overview of our personal computing

In the following, we have compiled a summary of our processing of personal data in order to clearly explain which categories of personal data we process for our different purposes, the legal basis of our data processing and how long we store the data.

PurposeLegal basisCategories of personal dataStorage time
Manage your orders and purchasesContractual obligations under the General Conditions of Sale of HifiPilot GmbH
  • Contact details such as name, postal address, e-mail address
  • Account information
  • Identification Number
  • Ordering Information
  • Payment information such as card number and cardholder
  • Financial information
Five years after your order has been paid for and delivered or, if the warranty period for purchased products or services is longer, after this period.
Provision of a member accountContractual obligations according to the membership conditions
  • Contact information such as the e-mail address
  • Account information such as username and password
  • Identification Number
  • Order information and order history
  • Payment details
  • User generated data
  • Customer settings
As long as you have a member account.
To implement competitions and other marketing activitiesLegitimate interest
  • Contact information
  • Account information
  • Identification Number
  • Information submitted during a contest, message or rating
One year after the end of the event or the competition.
Support Features and Customer ServiceLegitimate interest
  • Contact information such as the e-mail address
  • Account information
  • Identification Number
  • Ordering information such as order number, ordered products and delivery date
  • Payment details such as the payment method
  • User generated data
  • Claim for special services
  • Correspondence and other information about support matters such as technical information about the customer's equipment
Five years after the last contact in the case or if the warranty period for the product or service to which the matter relates is longer, after this period has expired.
Compliance with legal obligations such as the requirements of the Accounting Law, product liability and the protection of your personal information in our systemsLegal Obligations
  • Contact details such as name and address
  • Account information
  • Identification Number
  • Ordering information such as the date of purchase
  • Payment details
  • Correspondence and other information about support cases
As long as we need to store the data in accordance with applicable law or the decision of the relevant authority.
Preventing Misuse and Investigating Crime in Our BusinessLegitimate Interest
  • Contact details such as name and phone number
  • Account information
  • Identification Number
  • Ordering information such as ordered items
  • Payment information such as the payment method
  • User generated data such as clicks or search history
  • Video footage of our shops
As long as necessary checks are carried out. If the data processing results in a police report, the data will be stored for as long as is necessary to complete the incident and establish, defend or assert the legal claim.

9. With whom do we share your personal information?

  1. HifiPilot GmbH may share your information with other companies to share our offers, products and services. Among other things, the recipients of your personal data can also work as data processors for HifiPilot GmbH, such as companies that process your data on our behalf and according to our instructions or independently of each other. These can also be companies that are responsible for processing your information because they have a direct relationship with you as a customer.
  2. HifiPilot GmbH can also pass on your data to authorities if compliance with laws, regulations or authority decisions is required or HifiPilot GmbH is in a position to determine, defend or enforce legal claims.
  3. Depending on what type of contacts you have had with HifiPilot GmbH, for example, if you are a member of a member account or receive a newsletter, HifiPilot GmbH can send your personal information to the following recipients:
    1. Companies that provide information from public records or other public information to ensure that we have the correct contact information so we can process your orders and purchases, as well as your member account and the services associated with your account. The information provided is the identification number and contact details based on our contractual obligations to you on the respective legal basis.
    2. Analytical and marketing companies providing services such as automated marketing tools, analysis, communications, printing and distribution. These recipients help HifiPilot GmbH to analyze your information and to provide information about the products and services that HifiPilot GmbH offers. The information provided is contact information, account information, customer preferences, order details and user-generated data based on legitimate interests, as well as our contractual obligations to you as the owner of a member's account on a legal basis.
    3. Government agencies, such as the German Police Department or the German tax authority, to which we are obligated to disclose your personal data as a result of a decision by law or authority, or which we make available on suspicion of crimes or attempted crime. The categories of information provided are contact information, identification numbers, account information, order information, payment information, user-generated data and video recordings based on legal obligations that are attributable to HifiPilot GmbH or that we must investigate, defend or enforce legal claims.

  4. In addition, when you place an order or purchase through HifiPilot GmbH, we may share your personal information in connection with the processing of your orders and purchases based on our contractual obligations to you as the legal basis to the following recipients:
    1. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors of products and services sold by HifiPilot GmbH or who assist us with support services such as maintenance, repair and disposal of returned products. The information provided is contact information and ordering information.
    2. Logistics companies and shipping service providers who assist us in shipping so that we can deliver our products and services to you. We provide contact information and ordering information to these recipients.
    3. Insurers who insure some of our products and services. The information they receive when they take out insurance is contact information and order information.
    4. Partner companies and payment service providers such as card issuers, banks, credit institutions and other financial partners who make payments and offer you different financing solutions. The information provided is contact information, identification number and payment details.
    5. Credit Rating Agencies, credit bureaus or banks that provide information to help us ensure solvency, such as credit reports, applying for credit in connection with managing your orders and purchases.
    6. Companies that provide financial services, such as bank deposits and collection services, to ensure that HifiPilot GmbH is paid for products and services related to the management of your orders and purchases. The information provided is contact information, identification number, order information and payment details.

  5. HifiPilot GmbH does not sell your personal information to third parties, unless we have your permission to do so.

10. Where do we store your personal information?

HifiPilot GmbH primarily processes your personal data within the EU / EEA. However, we may also transfer your personal information to a non-EU country if we share your information with suppliers or partners of HifiPilot GmbH or store personal information in a non-EU country.

If your personal information is transferred to a country outside the EU / EEA, HifiPilot GmbH will take the necessary steps to transfer your personal information in accordance with applicable law, ensuring that your personal information is secure and with one in the EU / EEA comparable level of protection, for example by concluding agreements with the beneficiary containing the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission, or, if transferred to the United States, by the recipient certifying compliance with the Privacy Shield principles.

11. What rights do you have as a registered customer?

HifiPilot GmbH is responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with applicable laws. This section describes your rights relating to the processing of your personal information. Upon your request or on your own initiative, we will correct, anonymise, delete or amend information that turns out to be false, incomplete or misleading. If you have questions or want to exercise any rights, please contact us at the information listed at the end of this policy.

  1. Right to your personal information

    HifiPilot GmbH would like to be open about the handling of your personal data. If you wish to understand the processing that we do with your data, you have the right to request information about the processing, including a copy of your personal data being processed, a so-called "transcript". Please note that upon request, we may request further information about you to ensure that we provide the information to the right person and the information you request. We process data requests within 30 days, depending on the current workload of our employees.

  2. Right to correct your personal information

    If the information we hold about you is incorrect, you have the right to request the correction. You also have the right to complete incomplete personal information, for example if we have the correct address but no house number. Upon your request, we will correct any incorrect or incomplete information we hold about you as soon as possible.

  3. Right to be forgotten (deletion of your personal data)

    You have the right to request that we delete your personal information if:
    1. the data was processed illegally
    2. these must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation, which applies to HifiPilot GmbH
    3. these are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
    4. or if you object to any legitimate interest that HifiPilot GmbH has indicated and for which there is no legitimate interest in HifiPilot GmbH or any third party that outweighs it.

      However, we may not always be able to respond to your request, as there may be reasons to give us the right to further process, for example, when personal information is processed, to fulfill a legal obligation as a legal basis (as required by the Accounting Act), or if the information necessary to establish, enforce or defend legal claims.

  4. Right to data portability

    You have the right to receive a copy of your personal data in a structured format and, in some cases, to transfer the data to another person in charge. However, this right only includes information that you have passed on to HifiPilot GmbH and that we process with your consent or contractual obligation as the legal basis for you. We process data requests within 30 days, depending on the current workload of our employees.

  5. Right to limit the processing of your data

    You have the right to request that our processing of your personal data be restricted in certain situations, which means that the data may only be processed for specific purposes. For example, you may request a limitation on the sharing of incorrect information if you have already requested a correction. In the meantime, when HifiPilot GmbH investigates the correctness of the data, the data transfer and processing is limited.

  6. Right to object to certain types of data processing

    If HifiPilot GmbH processes your personal data on the basis of the balance of interests of legitimate interest as the legal basis or for direct marketing, you have the right to appeal against our processing.

    A conflict with HifiPilot GmbH's balance of interests can occur if you have personal reasons for the situation. In such an objection, HifiPilot GmbH assesses whether our legitimate reasons for processing outweigh the protection of your privacy. In this case, HifiPilot GmbH may continue to process your personal information even though you have objected to its processing.

    In addition, you have the option to opt out of advertising on every single digital email by unsubscribing. If you oppose direct marketing, we will stop processing your personal data for this purpose, as well as all sorts of direct marketing activities, such as sending newsletters.

If you find that we are processing your personal information incorrectly, you are welcome to contact us. Contact information can be found at the end of this policy. You are also entitled to address complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to the Central Contact Point, which is responsible for monitoring personal data in Germany.

12. Personal information about children

HifiPilot GmbH does not collect and process personal data for children under the age of 16. If children under the age of 16 have provided us with personal information, we will delete it as soon as we have been notified. Every parent or guardian can contact us.

13. How do we protect your personal information?

You should always feel safe when you provide us with your personal information. HifiPilot GmbH has therefore taken reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from improper or involuntary disclosure, use, unlawful access, deletion, alteration or damage.

For example, all customer information is stored behind a firewall and authorization management databases, so only employees in HifiPilot GmbH and partners have such access through agreement - which requires access to your tasks to perform certain tasks.

14. Application and amendment of the privacy policy

The latest version of HifiPilot GmbH's privacy policy is always available on our website. Our privacy policy applies at any time in any form and for the content published on the website.

HifiPilot GmbH is entitled to update the privacy policy at any time. If the privacy policy changes, the updated policy will be posted on the HifiPilot GmbH website. You will also be notified the next time you log in to your member account that the privacy policy has changed. For larger changes to the privacy policy, we can also inform you by e-mail. If you do not want to accept the changed policy, you can cancel your membership account by contacting Customer Support. For more information, see the contact information at the bottom of this policy.

15. Contact details

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this Privacy Policy or if you would like more information about the processing of your personal information or if information is incorrect and you would like us to correct it.

Company name: HifiPilot GmbH
Adress: Höhenstr. 7
Postcode and City: 75239 Eisingen
Telephone number: +49 7232 3640155
E-mail adresse:

16. Using Facebook Remarketing

This website uses the Facebook Customer Remarketing feature "Custom Audiences" ("Facebook"). This feature is intended to present to visitors of this website interest-based advertisements, as part of their visit to the social network Facebook („Facebook-Ads“). For this purpose, the Facebook remarketing tag was implemented on this website. Through this tag, a direct link to the Facebook servers will be made when visiting the website. It is transmitted to the Facebook server that you have visited this website and Facebook assigns this information to your personal Facebook user account. For more information on the collection and use of data by Facebook, as well as your rights in this regard and ways to protect your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy of Facebook at Alternatively, you can disable the remarketing feature "Custom Audiences" at For this you must be logged in to Facebook.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies and how do they work?

A cookie is a small text file sent by the web server and stored by the visitor's browser. The information includes, among other things, how the browser landed on the website, whether there are products in the shopping cart, which version of browsers was used, and information about the various websites visited.

Why do we use cookies?

HifiPilot GmbH uses cookies to make the following actions work:

  1. Add products to the cart
  2. Determine if members are logged in or not and / or if they are logged in via Facebook
  3. Possibility of selecting shipping options for some shipping service providers
  4. Record the pages you visit
  5. Identification of which device you are using, e.g. Tablet, smartphone or computer

All our collected statistics are used in anonymous and aggregated form.
This means that we do not provide information about individual users, only traffic and traffic providers.

Information about cookies

According to the German Electronic Communications Act, every visitor should be informed when a website uses cookies.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies on the website.

Remove cookies

You can choose to accept local storage of data through the settings in your browser. Here you can specify whether you accept the storage of cookies from the websites you visit and from third-party websites that are linked to the website and that you are warned each time you save a cookie.

The exact procedure depends on your device and the browser you are using.

Functional cookies

You can not use our website completely if you do not accept cookies.

  • You can read information and see pictures
  • You can view products, see prices and related information
  • You can not log in
  • You can not order
  • You can not add products to the cart

The cookies we use do not store personal information and / or information about the pages you visit.

Membership Terms

1. Overview

1.1 The Membership Account allows us to offer our customers personalized offers, good service and easier administration. The Member Account is linked to a login feature on our website for which you can log in. So you can save among other favorites and see your previous orders.

1.2 When you are logged in, you also have access to "Customer Pages" where you can manage the settings for your account.

1.3 In order to register as a member, you must agree to these terms and conditions for membership.

2. Registration of the membership account

2.1 A member account is free. To become a member of HifiPilot GmbH, you must be 18 years old and have an e-mail address and a permanent postal address. Both individuals and companies can create a member account.

2.2 The Membership Account is personal and can not be transferred to another person or entity. You are responsible for the purchases you made with your login details. By agreeing to these terms, you agree not to disclose your username and password to unauthorized persons and to ensure that your username and password are securely stored so that unauthorized persons will not be able to access the information. If you suspect unauthorized access to your password, change your password immediately and report your suspicions to HifiPilot GmbH.

2.3 As a member, you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is accurate and complete. If your personal data such as name, telephone number or e-mail address changes, you undertake to immediately inform HifiPilot GmbH of the correct information.

2.4 You become the owner of a member account as soon as you accept these conditions and have registered in the system HifiPilot GmbH and your member account has been opened via the website HifiPilot GmbH. To confirm that the registration has been completed, HifiPilot GmbH will send a confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided.

2.5 As a member, you are required to access the content of the membership conditions and, if applicable, possible changes to the terms.

3. Processing of personal data

3.1 When you sign up for an account, HifiPilot GmbH processes personal information about you. HifiPilot GmbH, with the postal address Höhenstr. 7, 75239 Eisingen, Germany is responsible for the processing of your personal data. Processing is in accordance with HifiPilot GmbH's Privacy Policy which details how we collect, use, store and share your personal information.

4. Application and change of conditions

4.1 When purchasing the general terms and conditions apply HifiPilot GmbH. The Terms of Sale are not affected by these Terms of Use.

4.2 These General Terms and Conditions of the Member Account apply at all times to the form and content published on the HifiPilot GmbH website.

4.3 HifiPilot GmbH is entitled at any time to change the terms of member accounts and how offers are structured or provided. If the conditions of the membership conditions change, the updated conditions will be published on the website HifiPilot GmbH. In addition, the next time you log in to your member account, you will be notified that the terms have changed. If you do not want to accept the changed terms, you can cancel your membership by contacting Customer Support. For more information, see the contact details at the end of these terms.

4.4 In addition to the statutory provisions, HifiPilot GmbH is not liable for losses (including lost or worse offers) as a result of changes to these conditions and HifiPilot GmbH is also in no way obliged to indemnify the member or third parties for such losses.

6. Validity and account closure

6.1 Your member account is valid until further notice.

6.2 You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting customer service. Contact information for customer service can be found at the end of these terms. If your Member Account is dissolved, any offers and discounts will be forfeited. In addition, all personal data that has been collected and processed to fulfill these account conditions will be deleted. Even after your account has been terminated, HifiPilot GmbH may need to process some of your personal information for other purposes such as complying with our legal obligations. Learn more about the purposes of processing your personal information in HifiPilot GmbH's Privacy Policy .

6.3 HifiPilot GmbH reserves the right to terminate your member account without notice in case of suspected misuse or inappropriate use of the member account or any other inappropriate behavior. The abuse includes, but is not limited to, breach of these terms, registration of incorrect contact information, suspicious or fraudulent searches, and forgery, alteration, sale, or unauthorized transfer of documents such as discount codes or coupons to another person.

7. Disputes

Any dispute concerning a Membership Account which has not been settled by agreement between the parties shall be settled in accordance with German law and before the German court.

8. Contact details

If you have any questions about owning a member account or if you would like to delete your member account, please contact us by phone or email as below:

Company name: HifiPilot GmbH
Adress: Höhenstr. 7
Postcode and City: 75239 Eisingen
Telephone: +49 7232 3640155