The brand new Econik SIX was at areadvd for a detailed test and was awarded as "Overall reference active speaker upper class"! We are super proud of this award and very happy about the assessment of editor Carsten Rampacher.


We're celebrating the launch of brand new hi-fi brand Econik Speakers with one-off introductory prices of up to €950 off. In addition, there is another 100€ cashback as a thank you for feedback (in the form of a short survey) after the purchase.


The Anniversary 10 (A10) is a culmination of all the experience that we have gathered over the last 10 years of designing and building HiFi speakers. Over the last decade, we have produced and sold


The new stereo bolide from IOTAVX was invited to test at Hifistatement. Editor Finn Corwin Gallowsky was absolutely convinced of the stereo qualities of the AVXP 2-840.


A real newcomer is launched with the Econik brand. The new brand is committed to fully active loudspeakers with the latest technology.


The Dual AMT Super Tweeter from AperionAudio was tested by AV-Magazine. Reviewer Philipp Schäfer was enthusiastic about the sound improvement: "The acoustic gain is great, as resolution and


The multi-channel combination of IOTAVX was awarded a price class reference award at AREADVD. Both the 17-channel preamp and the 7-channel power amp were completely convincing in the test with their acoustic properties.


Lite Magazine had ordered our brand new stereo power amp, the IOTAVX AVXP 2-840, to test. Editor Volker Frech was consistently enthusiastic about the solid construction and the impulse-true, natural sound of the amp:


The surround set of the new Theatrus series from AperionAudio was voted surround set of the year 2022 by AREADVD.


As part of the traditional English Boxing Days this year, the almost legendary AVXP1 multi-channel power amplifier from IOTAVX is being offered at a one-time special price!