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We are excited to present a new review of the Buchardt Audio I150 integrated amplifier. The review from Fairaudio highlights the user-friendly room calibration system and the extensive manual EQ options.


We have great news! Well-known YouTuber Thomas & Stereo has published a detailed review of our brand new IOTAVX SA40 and PA40 and was quite enthusiastic about it. His positive feedback and enthusiasm has prompted us to extend the pre-order promotion for another week.


Our new stereo power amplifier, the IOTAVX PA40, has been reviewed by Modernhifi and received excellent ratings! 🎶 With 2 x 300 W, the PA40 effortlessly drives even demanding speakers, delivering both fine musical nuances and powerful home theater soundtracks.


We are excited to share that the Buchardt Audio P300 compact speakers have been extensively tested and highly rated by HiFi-IFAs. With an impressive score of 5.6 out of 6, the P300 has proven its


We have exciting news for you! The Buchardt Audio A10 speakers have been tested by Dominik Schirach in Lite magazine and have received impressive reviews.


We are pleased to announce that our IOTAVX PA40 two-channel power amplifier, just like the SA40 integrated amplifier, has been recognized as a price class reference by the renowned online magazine AREADVD.


The IOTAVX AVXP1 multi-channel amplifier was reviewed by and received an impressive score of 10/10 points.


Great news for all audio enthusiasts! Our IOTAVX SA40 integrated amplifier was recently reviewed by Modern HiFi and scored an impressive 9.5 out of a possible 10 points. This rating emphasizes the excellent quality and performance of the SA40.


Buchardt Audio A10 Ju1ce-Audio


We are proud to announce that our SA40 amplifier has been awarded as price class reference in the test of the renowned online magazine AREADVD!