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Thanks to its flat housing and powerful technology, the Novus wall loudspeaker set from Aperion Audio offers maximum listening pleasure with harmonious integration into the living space. With


Visually, to our taste, it looks very elegant, modern and cuts an excellent figure in the living room. The subwoofer is positioned well ahead in terms of price-performance ratio. For us, the


The subwoofers from AperionAudio are always a great recommendation - at least if you listen to a lot of music and not just shooting movies. The Center C5 is also excellent and harmonizes perfectly


With the Bravus II 12D, AperionAudio has not reinvented the subwoofer, but has certainly achieved the maximum in its price segment. The sub appeals in its stylish exterior with sophisticated driver


The more compact version of the AperionAudio Bravus woofer also impressed us. Quite atypical for an American, although it must be mentioned that this situation has definitely changed in recent


With the Bravus II 10D from AperionAudio, both maximum film levels with an earthquake character and dynamically played live music are really fun. No matter what components are transferred to this


The sonic result is surprising. I would have assumed that the two were as alike as one egg to another - except that the fat one had more oomph. Well, they are similar. But the AperionAudio Bravus II


But what the Bravus II 12D does with it acoustically is the real phenomenon. Achieving such depth, coupled with explosive power delivery and surgical precision from such a compact housing is a


And the Aperion woofer also impresses across the board when it comes to listening to demanding music tracks. The bass sounds extremely powerful and dynamic, delighting with its lush volume and

Total entries: 9