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“Buying Tip” award for Bravus 10D from Lite magazine

2020-04-14 16:02:00 / Reviews AperionAudio Bravus
“Buying Tip” award for Bravus 10D from Lite magazine - “Buying Tip” award for Bravus 10D from Lite magazine

With the Bravus II 10D from AperionAudio, both maximum film levels with an earthquake character and dynamically played live music are really fun. No matter what components are transferred to this subwoofer, all signals supplied are reproduced accurately and impulsively. The Bravus II 10D has precise and powerful control over even quiet sounds. Here too, it impressively extends the listening pleasure down to the lowest frequency levels. It not only moves its three large bass membranes, but also the hearts of ambitious music and home cinema lovers. In addition to the performance comes the design: thanks to its pretty style, the Aperion Sub also makes a visually appealing impression in the living room.
But the best is yet to come, because the direct sales company HifiPilot can pay for all of this for just 699 euros. In terms of features, performance and design, this is a real bargain.
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