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SuperTweeter Aluminum MKII tested at AREADVD

2020-11-23 13:32:00 / Reviews AperionAudio SuperTweeter
SuperTweeter Aluminum MKII tested at AREADVD - SuperTweeter Aluminum MKII tested at AREADVD

The AperionAudio Super Tweeters are anything but a sham. Many people will not immediately recognize the benefit and will ask themselves what the motivation to buy is. But once you listen to the Super Tweeter Aluminum, you'll quickly be convinced of how it works. To be fair, we have to say that how big the benefit is also depends on the style of music you listen to. If you listen to a lot of classical and jazz, the investment is worth it in many cases. If you have older speakers that are actually very high quality and that you depend on, you can upgrade the treble range with the Super Tweeters. But even modern and, in their own right, really good sound transducers can make use of US transparency doping. Just under EUR 600 is not a small amount, but considering the high-quality workmanship and the impeccable results, it is not too much either. - Go to Review