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"Price range reference" - IOTAVX SA3 & PA3 at areadvd

2019-03-20 13:30:00 / Reviews IOTAVX PA3 SA3
"Price range reference" - IOTAVX SA3 & PA3 at areadvd - "Price range reference" - IOTAVX SA3 & PA3 at areadvd
"It works: With the stereo components SA3 and PA3, IOTAVX provides proof of how well inexpensive stereo can work. Visually simple, with a surprisingly high-quality interior, excellent value is offered here from a technical and workmanship perspective. But what good is all theory if the practice doesn't fit? With SA3 and PA3 you don't have to worry at all, because from a sound point of view, with good detail, excellent spatiality and excellent vocal reproduction, you can achieve performance that you can't get for so little "In addition, the power amplifiers prove to be very level-stable, which ensures that the SA3 and PA3 also shine together with large floorstanding loudspeakers, especially when the components are used in mono mode." - Philipp Kind, areadvd
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