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Econik SIX tested by fairaudio!

2023-06-12 11:40:00 / Reviews Econik Speakers SIX
Econik SIX tested by fairaudio! - Econik SIX tested by fairaudio!
fairaudio is also enthusiastic about our newcomers! Tester Michael Bruss was just as impressed by the depth as by the stage image:
"The Econik SIX design a virtual stage that is extremely generous in width and depth, which is built up behind the loudspeakers. Voices and instruments seem a bit larger than "normal", which promotes the charming character of the reproduction, but also the space between the Actors appear well defined and spacious. Sufficient three-dimensional imaging with well-defined outlines."
We are very happy that the long work on the loudspeakers was worth it and that the trade press was so impressed!

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