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HIFISTATEMENT tested the Econik SIX

2023-09-27 15:27:00 / Reviews Econik Speakers SIX
HIFISTATEMENT tested the Econik SIX - HIFISTATEMENT tested the Econik SIX

The well-known online magazine HIFISTATEMENT took a close look at our Econik SIX in its test. “Welcome to the future” is Finn Corwin Gallowksy’s conclusion. The editor was particularly impressed by the flexibility of the sound presets:

"There is also a little more high-frequency shine. In general, the reproduction appears more balanced and natural. The spatiality of the playback also benefits. The SIX play with a wide stage and a directness that dominates across the entire stereo width. The V3 preset gives the whole thing a little more definition. It's a direct hit."

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