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Exciting event in the Showroom North!

2023-10-25 11:58:00 /
Exciting event in the Showroom North! - Exciting event in the Showroom North!

On 25.11. we organize on the occasion of the new opening of our HiFi studio Audio-Schöneweide (Showroom North) a small event to which we would like to invite you.

We are very proud not only to present various speakers from our program, but also to be able to go into detail about the technology behind them. For this occasion, several representatives of our brands including company owners and developers will be on site to explain the special features of the products.

Rüdiger Lansche, the owner and developer of Lansche Audio, will demonstrate the advantages of his plasma tweeter on the No. 7.2 floorstanding loudspeaker.

Morten Thyrrestrup of Audio Group Denmark will exclusively present the new Boresson X2 floorstanding loudspeakers as a German premiere.

Detlev Bosse from Cito Audio will go into more detail about the loudspeakers he designed with the double cone drivers and the SC system.

Berthold Daubner and Jens Hörmann from Econik Speakers will demonstrate their new active compact speakers and explain the advantages of active speakers and wireless control with WISA.

Everything will take place in a relaxed atmosphere, so that there will be enough room for discussions about hi-fi.
The physical well-being will also be taken care of.

We are pleased to welcome you from 14 o'clock and let the evening end open-ended.

We would be pleased about a previous registration. However, you can also come spontaneously