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Buchardt Audio A10 can now be pre-ordered

2023-05-25 15:14:00 /
Buchardt Audio A10 can now be pre-ordered - Buchardt Audio A10 can now be pre-ordered
The Anniversary 10 (A10) is a culmination of all the experience that we have gathered over the last 10 years of designing and building HiFi speakers. Over the last decade, we have produced and sold thousands of speakers to happy HiFi enthusiasts from all around the world. Listening to feedback from our customers, learning from the best and adding our own flavor to the mix, has created extremely popular and critically acclaimed speakers, and now, this has evolved into our best sounding speaker yet. The A10 is something we are truly proud of, both in terms of sound, look and production values. It is a true celebration of our passion for amazing high-end sound, great engineering and high value products. The new A10 can be pre-ordered now.

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