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Lite Magazine is enthusiastic about the Econik FOUR!

2023-11-12 16:04:00 / Reviews Econik Speakers FOUR
Lite Magazine is enthusiastic about the Econik FOUR! - Lite Magazine is enthusiastic about the Econik FOUR!

The renowned test editorial team from “Lite Magazine” took a close look at our Econik FOUR in a detailed test. Editor Dieter Pfeil was visibly enthusiastic and clearly recommends our smallest sound giant!

"A few years ago I dreamed of such a range of useful features. With the FOUR, Econik delivers an active loudspeaker that meets all my wishes in one package. It shows perfect workmanship, can fulfill all design wishes and, in combination with the stereo hub or the surround hub, forms a complete sound center by today's standards. The sound of the Econik FOUR is impeccable and can be adjusted as desired. In addition, I can use the calibration function to adjust the sound to my listening room and listening position. And the radio remote control for the stereo hub is the new benchmark for all manufacturers. This is what an all-round, worry-free package looks like to me. Econik is also so convinced of its product that the manufacturer offers a guarantee of between 5 and 10 years on speakers and amplifiers. The Econik FOUR receives a clear recommendation from me because it impresses me across the board."

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