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Buchardt Audio


We are excited to present a new review of the Buchardt Audio I150 integrated amplifier. The review from Fairaudio highlights the user-friendly room calibration system and the extensive manual EQ options.


We are excited to share that the Buchardt Audio P300 compact speakers have been extensively tested and highly rated by HiFi-IFAs. With an impressive score of 5.6 out of 6, the P300 has proven its


We have exciting news for you! The Buchardt Audio A10 speakers have been tested by Dominik Schirach in Lite magazine and have received impressive reviews.


Buchardt Audio A10 Ju1ce-Audio


What an honour! The popular multi-channel amplifier AVXP1 from IOTAVX and the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker A700 from Buchardt Audio were recognized by areadvd as “products for eternity”.


The active flagship from Buchardt Audio, the A700 floorstanding speakers were tested at Modernhifi and were awarded 9.5 / 10 points!


BuchardtAudio A700 Erin's Audio Corner (Youtube)


The new passive speaker from Buchardt Audio, the P300, was reviewed by Lowbeats and was able to convince with sophistication and stage depth!


The active loudspeakers from Buchardt Audio scored an impressive 99/100 points in the reference class in the Lite magazine review. Editor Michael B. Rehders overturns his rating because of the sound.


Full marks for the sound legend. The S400 MKII from Buchardt Audio got the maximum number of points in the Lite magazine review. The conclusion reads correspondingly enthusiastically.