IOTAVX is a British electronics brand, which is particularly committed to the development and construction of first-class hi-fi and home theater equipment. Founded in Middlesbrough, Great Britain, the aim of IOTAVX was from the beginning to combine exquisite product quality with outstanding sound properties. The team consists of experienced engineers and technicians who have been working in the audio and video industry for over 25 years. Thanks to this wealth of experience, efficient production and a lean sales structure, the IOTAVX products have an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. All products have been specially developed to meet the needs of the users. They are easy and intuitive to use and offer excellent sound and processing quality. The use of high-quality components guarantees a unique sound experience over a long service life, while the high quality of the housing provides the components with optimal, vibration-free working conditions. This enables you to build a high-end system from devices that have been specially optimized for your application and thus, in combination with the low price, provide a soundscape that is second to none. The path to the perfect home theater experience doesn't have to be complicated! As the German representative of IOTAVX, we are the first point of contact for you in all respects if you have any questions or suggestions about the entire product range.

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