High Fidelity - Absolutely lifelike reproduction - The peak of loudspeaker construction has always been a magnet for technicians and developers around the world. New paths are constantly being explored and new techniques applied - which one is the right way? Do the chosen components fit together perfectly or is it a mistake? These questions ultimately decide on success or failure, on goose bumps or everyday food. On the way to the summit, many pitfalls and challenges await you to find the perfect sound match. XTZ has been facing these challenges for many years. It is precisely this harsh environment in which the engineers feel most comfortable and which drives them to peak performance every day. The typically Swedish will of iron coupled with the love for detail and a dash of visionary technology make the speakers and subwoofers of XTZ so unique. However, it is not only the pioneers who have to do extraordinary things, it is also their equipment. Excellence in sound requires the best ingredients, that's what XTZ stands for, that's the company philosophy. This path may not be the only one that leads to the summit, but we strongly believe that this path is the right one! In this sense, we wish all XTZ owners a great view from the top of the sound culture.

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