Buchardt Audio

Buchardt Audio is a Denmark-based manufacturer of high-end speakers that aims to deliver cutting-edge sound at an affordable price. This task has been more than accomplished with the help of some of the industry's most talented developers and engineers. Do not be fooled by the price of these speakers. They can compete with products well above their price range. In addition, expensive marketing, distributors, agents and hi-fi dealers were eliminated. The direct sales concept reduces the costs compared to the competitors by around 60-70%. Direct selling is nothing new, more and more, mostly small companies rely on this concept. What characterizes Buchardt Audio, however, is the fact that they are focusing on mass production, where thousands of loudspeakers are produced in large numbers. So it is possible to reduce the costs enormously and thus to deliver even better quality at a lower price. The focus is solely on performance and quality. To achieve this, production takes place in a renowned Danish / Chinese factory: Hansong in Nanjing, China. Hansong has extensive experience manufacturing some of the world's best-known high-end hi-fi brands. Models like the S300 are assembled and tested in Denmark. The S400 is being assembled in China due to higher testing requirements, as its design requires special testing equipment that is not available in Denmark. For Buchardt Audio it is crucial that the production facility used provides the best working conditions for the employees. Hansong offers all employees special health services - a rare sight in China. Hansong is ISO 9001 certified and has locations in China, Denmark and the US.

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