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AperionAudio's Theatrus Series Now Available for Pre-Order!

2022-05-27 13:45:00 /
AperionAudio\'s Theatrus Series Now Available for Pre-Order! - AperionAudio\'s Theatrus Series Now Available for Pre-Order!

With the Theatrus series, a new generation of home cinema loudspeakers is in the starting blocks. With five different loudspeakers and a subwoofer, the series covers every wish for ambitious home cinema. As usual from AperionAudio, the speakers impress with a few technological tricks.
The AMT (Air Motion Transformer) used is particularly noteworthy here, which, thanks to an efficiency of 103 dB, raises the treble to a new level. The domes responsible for the midrange transmit speech and film music with outstanding plasticity, while the woofers have the best prerequisites for rapid impulses and powerful effects thanks to the innovative Curv™ material.

But that's not all. In many high quality home theaters, the speakers are built into a baffle wall and/or hidden behind an acoustically transparent screen. Normal loudspeakers noticeably lose their sound quality here. Not so the Theatrus series. Thanks to jumpers on the back, the loudspeakers can be adjusted to the respective situation. The special filter network in the crossover, which enables the adjustments, is responsible for this. In this way, the full potential of the loudspeakers can always be called up.

Here you can go directly to the overview of the new Theatrus series: https://www.hifipilot.de/Theatrus-Serie

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