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HifiPilot is not a hi-fi dealer like any other. Following our name we are looking for worthwhile destinations and bring you there as a customer. In other words, we are looking specifically for manufacturers and brands, which provide above all an excellent price-performance ratio. In the hi-fi industry as well as in the home cinema industry, there are almost countless companies and manufacturers. There are numerous different concepts in loudspeaker and amplifier construction, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Each manufacturer has its own philosophy and manufactures the products accordingly. However, without detailed introduction to the topic, it is difficult to determine which concepts are better and lead to the best possible sound result. Our acoustics engineers are therefore always carefully examining the selected brands and manufacturers to identify those who deliver the most sound for your money. The handpicked selection of brands ensures a clearly arranged portfolio at all times and also enables us to offer the best service and support for all equipment offered. We are committed to this motto so that you can count on us to never focus on the quantity of the brands, but only on the quality. As a customer, you will always receive information first-hand and in close consultation with the respective manufacturer. You are welcome to contact us by mail or phone. Our experts are happy to help.

HifiPilot - Store

Our showroom in Eisingen (Pforzheim) offers you the opportunity to see and hear our products. So you can get a comprehensive picture and get detailed advice individually. In addition to the stereo demonstration, any combinations in surround sets are possible. You can also buy products directly on site, pay them in cash or by debit card and take them home directly. Please ask us before your visit regarding the respective delivery status.

HifiPilot - Höhenstraße 7 - 75239 Eisingen - Germany

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Take the opportunity to convince yourself of the quality of our speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. For a detailed consultation and maximum listening pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere, we offer you the opportunity to arrange an individual hearing. To arrange an appointment in the store, write us an email (kontakt@hifipilot.de) or call us (Tel. +49 7232/3640155). You are welcome to let us know your desired hi-fi products for demonstration. We will then prepare the showroom accordingly.

Our partners


The company LexxiCon is primarily standing for listening pleasure at the highest level. In addition to the planning and implementation of auditorium, their services include acoustic optimization of business premises and restaurants, digital equalization (via DSP) as well as seminars for passionate music and cinema enthusiasts. Get to know your passion anew!

More information: LexxiCon


Experience cinema at home! Under this philosophy, Mr. Hauda of HEIMKINO-PLANUNG.DE has offered professional home cinema plans since 2012. Cinema in your own home becomes a total experience that can only be found in the big cinemas. Picture, acoustics, ambience as well as existing devices are included in the planning.

Link to the website: Heimkino-Planung.de


The renowned manufacturer of acoustic elements offers numerous acoustic elements for private and commercial use. The focus here is on excellent effectiveness, easy integration into existing premises, and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Link to the website: Design-Heimkino.de


Sofanella sofas and seating are top quality in both comfort and design. Whatever design and sofa you choose, the furniture manufacturer manufactures custom pieces that integrate with the interior and are known for their high quality durability.

More information: Sofanella